Liberal Hypocrisy + Liberal Selfishness

As anyone who follows my blog is aware, I’ve written extensively about the pervasive hypocrisy in liberalism. Just type those two words into the search bar on my website and you’ll find them all. The recent riots and protests appurtenant to the George Floyd situation are not only rife with hypocrisy, they go to a new level of selfish hypocrisy.

Recall that when a group of mostly white partiers got together in the Lake of the Ozarks in late May, there was a national outcry about the lack of social distancing reflected by the photos of the event. Just Google “Lake of the Ozarks Party” and you’ll see what I mean. While I tend to agree that the party goers were irresponsible and reckless, I am also forced to concede that it was a one-off event in a remote part of the country with a few hundred people. Nonetheless, I repeat, there was national outrage, particularly from the left-wing media.

Fast forward just a few weeks and you have not hundreds, but thousands or tens of thousands of protesters in very close proximity to one another. And, not in one remote outpost of the country, but in all of our most populous cities. The Ozarks party probably put a few thousand people at risk. Liberal protesters have put tens of millions at risk, when you consider the contact tracing implications. And, yet, there’s no outrage from the left-wing media.

I was doing my best to ignore this glaring double standard of liberal hypocrisy until I started to see social media posts defending these reckless actions with statements to the effect of “some things are worth dying for.”

WTF? Are you kidding me? While the murder of George Floyd was horrible and the perpetrator cop should be punished if found guilty in a court of law, study after study show there is no systemic racism in policing. Indeed, the Chief of the Minneapolis PD is black. Are we to believe he is actively supporting a “culture of racism” or even just turning his head the other way while it persists? Of course not. Like all the very rare unjustified killings of black (or white) people by cops, this was one bad apple. So, these protests are all predicated on a false narrative to begin with. But, absent a global pandemic, we have freedom of speech and assembly, so I support with all my fiber the rights of people to protest over false narratives. But, not now. Not during this pandemic.

And yet, the left tells us that these violent protesters get to decide for the rest of the country what’s worth dying for? That’s colossal bunk. Business owners across the country were told that their entire future and livelihood wasn’t worth the risk of people dying from the Wuhan Virus. Students were told their educational advancement wasn’t worth people dying (while I admire the efforts all teachers to educate online, we all know it didn’t work, other than in the elite private schools that wealthy white people send their kids to). All of us were told that our necessary medical procedures (cardiac ablations, vascular interventions, orthopedic surgeries, colonoscopies, cancer surgeries, etc.) were not worth people dying. We all gave up basically all our rights in an effort to control the pandemic. And, it has largely worked.

But, after all that, a group of fringe liberal protesters can decide for all the rest of us, everyone who has sacrificed so much to control this pandemic, that their faux outrage is worth getting people sick with a very real risk of death? Sorry, no. That’s a preposterous position to take. And it is the absolute pinnacle of liberal hypocrisy and liberal selfishness.

About Bruce Robertson

Bruce Robertson is an amateur writer and professional provocateur
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