Liberal Hypocrisy, Part VII (NFL Protests)

I posted the image to the left on FB yesterday and my buddy Michael commented, “What I like about this picture are the words ‘feel free.’” This comment finally brought clarity to me on this whole kneeling for the National Anthem issue at NFL games. I feel a bit sheepish that it took me so long to get it because it circles back to the same concept we see over and over in American politics – liberal hypocrisy. Let me connect the dots for you, not that they’re that hard to follow.

First, to state the obvious, everyone in the United States of America has a right to freedom of speech and expression and that includes speech and expression that other people don’t like. So, I have no legal argument whatsoever with what these NFL players are doing. I have an issue with the disrespect and hypocrisy that’s taking place at many levels.

Let’s start with the disrespect though I’m not breaking any new ground here. It’s very simple. The men and woman of our military have been putting their lives on the line for nearly 250 years to ensure the rights and freedoms that these NFL thugs enjoy every day. Indeed, it is the very freedom they provide that has enabled these thugs to play a child’s game and make millions of dollars doing it. That’s just plain rude and disrespectful and their moms and dads need to scold them for being such little whiney brats. Every single military veteran I’ve spoken to about this is deeply offended. How in the world could you look at the picture above and not think “yeah, it’s certainly legal to kneel during our National Anthem, but you sure are an asshole if you do it.” Seriously, how?

Now, let’s move on to the more nuanced aspect of this charade – the liberal hypocrisy. The most common argument in favor of these silly protests is that they are a fully protected form of speech/expression under the constitution. I agree. As discussed above, it is a horribly offensive form of expression and offensive to the wrong people, but it is indeed protected. Liberals all over FB, and my friend Michael, have made this clear.

Now, turn your attention quickly to that other great bastion of free expression – the American college campus. These institutions, now completely run by liberals, have almost completely shut down all forms of expression they disagree with in the name of avoiding offense.

So, let me get this straight. In the chronically hypocritical liberal mind, it’s totally protected speech/expression to offend the very people of who put their lives on the line to defend those rights, but it’s totally not OK to offend the college snowflakes by allowing speech that doesn’t conform to liberal dogma. Just when I think the hypocrisy can’t get any worse, it does.

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2 Responses to Liberal Hypocrisy, Part VII (NFL Protests)

  1. Stephanie McMahon says:

    I think you are totally missing the point. All these people/players aren’t protesting the flag or the military, but rather the racist, reckless, and destructive behavior of our president. A president that uses and exasperates our nation’s divisions for his own political and egotistical gains, and one that has awakened the racial problems of our country to a degree we haven’t witnessed since the early 1960s. And when did the flag become just a symbol of our military? Why isn’t it a symbol of unity? Of the *United* States? Of diversity?

    The Republican Party today lacks integrity, and for anyone within that establishment to challenge anyone else’s political or social motives, well that’s real hypocrisy. And the conservative media has set it up so that anyone that challenges Trump doesn’t love American; how stupid and ridiculous is that?

    • Hi Stephanie, thanks for reading my blog and, more important, for taking the time to comment. Comments like your force me to sharpen my focus, which I did with a subsequent blog post today. I have not missed any points as today’s blog points out. These people ARE protesting the flag and the military IS offended by it. Your commentary around President Trump is stating opinions as facts. Nobody would disagree that he’s blustery, but your comments about egotistical gain are specious. Indeed, Obama was a very divisive president (see my blog on that earlier this year). Trump is just continuing what Obama started. AS to the lack of integrity in the Republican party – again just an unfounded opinion. And the phrase “conservative media” is simply oxymoronic.

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