The Hypocrisy Olympics

I have written extensively about liberal hypocrisy. Just type the phrase into the search bar on my blog site and you’ll find them all. But, the women’s marches this weekend across the nation really set the bar for hypocrisy and sore loserdom. Let’s back up and look at the facts.

In November, Donald Trump won an election. That’s how democracy works and, in our current two-party system, it worked perfectly. Each party put forth a candidate, we got a chance to vote, and President Trump won. Trust me, I understand that the losing party is upset. I lived that in 2008 and 2012. But, in neither case did I or anyone else protest or march on Washington. Indeed, protesting or marching against a democratically elected president makes no sense in a democracy. The losing party just needs to go find a better or more electable candidate and try again in four years. That’s what we did. It failed in 2012 and worked in 2016.

So, if marching against a democratically elected candidate in a show of poor loserdom isn’t the cause of these marches, what is? Oh, you say these women were marching against misogyny. I’ve seen that posted all over Facebook for the past 24 hours. And, here’s where the left wins the Hypocrisy Olympics. For the past 25 years, the Clintons have been the two most misogynistic politicians of our lifetime. The comments President Trump made about women are awful and indefensible, but also (I regret to say) not far off the mainstream of the way men, men the women at the marches know, love and are married to, talk. Again, to avoid nastygrams, I am not defending his choice of words; I’m just pointing out that it is, as he explained, locker room talk that happens a lot.

Bill Clinton raped women. He RAPED women. He abused women. He ruined their lives. And, when it came to light, what did Hillary, that great defender of women’s rights do? She supported him by attacking and discrediting the women, for the sole purpose of advancing her political career. Making a reasonable assumption that every woman at the marches voted for Hillary, the hypocrisy is simply too deep to even fathom. These women voted for another woman who openly defended rape and abuse and then traveled far and wide to march against a dude who used some really inappropriate language to describe women. Both behaviors are bad, but one is clearly worse than the other.

Thus, the gold medal in the Hypocrisy Olympics goes to every woman who voted for Hillary Clinton and attended yesterday’s marches.

About Bruce Robertson

Bruce Robertson is an amateur writer and professional provocateur
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