CNN and Obama’s “Legacy”

maxresdefaultWhen the NY Giants were sending my beloved Redskins to humiliating, season-ending defeat yesterday, I noticed that the Giants coaching staff never called time out and ran to the other side of the field to give the Redskins coaches advice on how to beat them. Probably a good approach in any sport. That said, I find myself compelled to give my friends on the other side of the political field some friendly advice.

One of the things I really love about CNN, as they completely lose their minds, is that they always run a caption at the bottom of the screen with some pithy saying related to the story they’re covering. I rarely watch CNN as I find fake news to be a waste of time, but I do enjoy observing them as they further lose touch with reality. And TVs all over the world (airports, gyms, hotel lobbies, etc.) are often tuned to CNN with no volume so it’s easy to pick up their one-liners through the course of a week.

This morning, in fact, I was at the gym when I walked by a TV tuned to CNN. I have no idea who was on the show or what he was talking about, but the caption at the bottom of the screen asked, boldly, “CAN THE DEMOCRATS CONTINUE OBAMA’S LEGACY?”

This is where the Giants/Redskins analogy comes into play as I helpfully answer this question for my democrat friends: DON’T TRY!

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Bruce Robertson is an amateur writer and professional provocateur
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3 Responses to CNN and Obama’s “Legacy”

  1. Ramiro Paez says:

    I’m glad I found some good reading !!!

  2. Nancy Ketterman says:

    Bruce, right after the election it was proclaimed on a couple of media sites that the electorate had voted AGAINST the “establishment” in electing Trump.

    Now, since I’m old and remember the peace-love-dove days of the 1960s, I can tell you that the “establishment” then meant middle-aged, stodgy white folks who were conservative.

    So now does the term “establishment” mean left-wing liberals? When did THAT change take place? I missed that transition.

    • Hi Nancy. Thanks for the comment. First, I don’t think I’m the arbiter of the definition of establishment, but here’s my take. I think today it is defined as “Washington insider” or “career politician” as opposed to by political party or race. Thus, Barack Obama and Dick Cheney are equal members of the establishment having spent their entire careers suckling at the government teet. Donald Trump is not part of the establishment because he’s never once drawn a government paycheck. I’m not saying that’s right but I think it’s how people are using the word today.

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