We Support You, Brother Israel

I’ve written extensively about how far off the liberal rails the Washington Post, my hometown paper, has gone. They long since gave up any veil of objective reporting. However, every now and then they stumble into the truth. More to the point, when a liberal news organization and this conservative blogger find common ground, there’s probably something to it. The Post and I agreed this week that Obama’s move to allow the UN to reprimand Israel is a disaster. Even if one believes that Israel’s settlements are illegal and should stop or be reversed, this move will not facilitate that and it will make a negotiated peace impossible. Well played, Barack. Just when we thought you couldn’t do anything more inane in the Middle East, you surprise us again. Honestly, I deplore when the left starts labeling and name calling (i.e., you’re a racist if you think it’s OK for cops to use their guns to enforce the law and protect themselves), but Obama’s move really does make one wonder if he’s anti-Semitic. He waited until the very last Jewish vote was counted and, in some states, recounted before pulling this fast one.

The most useful lens I can look at Obama’s foolishness through here is that of a member of a college fraternity. Anyone who was in one will understand what I mean and I will try to explain it here for those who weren’t. We had big parties in our fraternity house and, every now and then, a skirmish would break out between a brother and a non-brother. The protocol in these instances was clear. The 5 biggest members of the fraternity would quickly intervene and carry that non-brother outside and summarily deposit him on Spruce Street in West Philadelphia. There was no preliminary investigation to figure out what happened until the offending non-brother was removed. Once removed, whether that evening or the next day, the members of the fraternity would attempt to understand what had happened because we didn’t want a reputation as a fraternity where fights broke out at our parties. And, we certainly didn’t want to send a message to other men on campus that it was OK to lay hands on a brother in our house or anywhere else. It wasn’t uncommon to learn that the brother had instigated the fracas by, for example, hitting on the non-brother’s girlfriend or mouthing off to the non-brother. If that was the case, the brotherhood would quietly reprimand the brother to avoid future incidents.

Notice the sequence of events and the manner in which our brother was told to “cut it out.” The sequence was dictated by a clarity as to who “our guy” was in the incident. When we took the oath to be brothers in our fraternity we pledged our unconditional loyalty to each other.

There’s a perfect analogy to the Middle East. Israel has not been a perfect brother to us. They have occasionally stirred things up in ways that perhaps we wished they hadn’t. But, we need to be clear that they are our brother and our ONLY brother in that region. So, when they behave in a way we may not like, and I’m not passing judgment on whether they did or not, we should never criticize them in public. We should NEVER point to the other guy and say, “Hey, Israel, maybe he’s right. Back off for now.” Not a chance. Never. We back up our brother, toss the other guy into the street, and figure the rest out later. Period.

About Bruce Robertson

Bruce Robertson is an amateur writer and professional provocateur
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