Trump and the Complete Meltdown of Humanity

I do have a few liberal friends who aren’t completely losing their minds over this election. Not many, but a few. Knowing that I voted for Trump, they have asked me to give them reason for hope. I believe there are many reasons for hope and, as Trump’s appointments have taken shape, the number of reasons keeps increasing. But, let’s focus on just one: Rex Tillerson as Sec of State.

Today, the super duper liberal Washington Post reported on the horror taking place in Aleppo, Syria and how it has seriously damaged President Obama’s legacy (OK, only the Post would believe there was anything left of the legacy to damage, but I digress). The United Nations has declared Aleppo a “complete meltdown of humanity.” How did this meltdown happen? Certainly a big part of it is the hopelessly failed Middle East policy of the Obama administration, including the now infamous red line, which has been crossed again and again. But, another important piece of this has been the Obama administration’s failure to negotiate successfully with either Iran or Russia, leading to an evil triumvirate of those two plus Assad now calling all the shots in Syria.

I am blown away by all the liberal bloviating on Facebook and in the media about Tillerson’s potential conflict in Russia because of his time as CEO of Exxon Mobil. Really? That’s what has you worried? That a man of utmost ethics who works for a company with very strict ethics and conflict policies and is going to work for a government with equally strict conflict policies, will have a conflict? That worries you more than the “complete meltdown of humanity?”

Here are some simple facts about four people who have tried to get something they needed out of Russia/Putin:

Barack Obama: failed miserably

Hillary Clinton: failed miserably

John Kerry: failed miserably

Rex Tillerson: succeeded

So, the democrats put forth three people as diplomats to Russia over the past eight years and the result was the “complete meltdown of humanity.” Donald Trump puts forth a diplomat who has successfully worked with Russia to get the result he wanted. You tell me who’s best qualified. If that doesn’t make you feel better about the Trump administration and his cabinet picks, it is only because you want to wallow in your own sorrow versus acknowledging what is best for your country. No, check that, what is best for humanity.

About Bruce Robertson

Bruce Robertson is an amateur writer and professional provocateur
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