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Before Bed Snack

For many years I have had a bowl of cereal before bed, nearly always Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats. That’s probably not the best thing for my girlish figure, but it’s an indulgence I’ve always allowed myself. Until today. Well, not because … Continue reading

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Predictions for Trump I

My buddy, Mike Mertz, reacted to my Election Reflection 2016 blog by challenging me to make some predictions for the Trump administration. Mike’s challenge was in the context of his bizarre assertion on Facebook that my prediction, back in 2012, … Continue reading

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Election Reflection 2016

With the election nearly three weeks behind us, I guess it’s time I finally wrote a blog. My loyal readership (both of you) has been asking repeatedly when I will unleash my pen. I’ve had so many conflicting thoughts; I … Continue reading

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