Donald Trump is a Bombastic Buffoon

Raise your hand, and please be honest, if you learned anything new from the title of this blog post? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Yet, over the past month or so, the liberal hyperventilating over Donald Trump has approached a fever pitch. I find this phenomenon very interesting. With few exceptions, the liberal hysteria over Trump ends with, “He’s so scary!” Really, is he? I’m not a Donald Trump fan or supporter and I do find him to be a bombastic buffoon, but I do not find him “scary.” What I do find “scary” is the thought of Hillary Clinton as POTUS. And, I find it ultra-scary that liberals can find Trump scary, but not see how profoundly scary a Hillary presidency would be.

I’ll keep this one short because the good people at WordPress keep stats and they tell me you all don’t have the patience to read my longer and more thoughtful blogs. Who knew my followers were so damned ADD. Donald Trump is bombastic, but he’s also succeeded at basically everything he’s ever done in his life and created BILLIONS of dollars of wealth in the process. Don’t believe it, just ask him. When I pointed this out to one liberal hyperventilator, her answer was, “Yeah, but he probably did it by bullying people.” Well, OK, maybe. But, look at the shellacking Obama has suffered every time he’s entered a negotiation with another country. He’s been trampled. To quote Norm Peterson, he was in a dog-eat-dog world wearing milk bone underwear. I wrote previously about how his horrendous negotiating skills led to the dreadful deal with Iran, which essentially guarantees a nuclear enemy in the Middle East. Would you have preferred a guy who could do a little bullying going up against the Mullahs in Iran? Yeah, me too.

Now, let’s compare this to the scariness of a putative Hillary presidency. With the possible exception of her brief (and, I’m sure, totally legal) career as a commodities trader, everything she’s ever touched has been an abject failure. In the single most important role of her career, as the country’s top diplomat, she left things in a complete mess. Resets with Russia. Terrorist attacks in Benghazi, followed by lies about Islamic videos. It could take generations to fix the messes she left behind. In addition to being a failure at everything she’s ever tried, she’s a pathologic liar. Nobody in either party believes her or trusts her. She deliberately concealed all of her public and private communications using an illegal server, which, by all accounts, has seriously compromised our national security.

So, tell me again, who I should be scared of as president? A guy with an abrasive tone and a bad comb-over, who is fundamentally successful at everything he does, or a dishonest, untrustworthy failure?


About Bruce Robertson

Bruce Robertson is an amateur writer and professional provocateur
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5 Responses to Donald Trump is a Bombastic Buffoon

  1. I think you should be very, very afraid of all of them. Nora

  2. Bruce, I don’t usually agree with you on things politic. But on a Hillary v. Donald match up, I doub that I could stomach voting for Hillary, and while I think much of what Trump has to say is stupid – at least he speaks his mind and you know where he stands. I think to get elected, Trump will need to move to the center, and that would not be a bad thing.

  3. kathydehaven says:

    Once again, you make complete and total sense, Bruce! You’ve explained the contrast between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in simple, clear terms. Hillary is – well – impossible to believe. With respect to Hillary, the only thing I feel certain of, is that she will say anything and silence anyone necessary to ascend to power.

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