Cops are People Too

Much is now being written about the “Ferguson Effect” on policing. This is where liberals learn that, despite their greatest fantasies, they cannot have their cake and eat it too. In case you’ve been living in a cave for the last year or so, the Ferguson Effect is the observation that crime is skyrocketing, especially in inner cities, since liberals and their media lap dogs started bashing police or, worse, arresting them for doing their job. I can’t spend 3 minutes on Facebook without reading an inflammatory post by a liberal trying to make police look bad. Police have understandably pulled back on doing their job out of fear of losing their job or ending up in jail. The result is that the very people liberals pretend to defend – inner city blacks – are hurt. Yet another example of liberals harming those they claim to help.

While liberals are now searching desperately for alternative explanations for the increase in crime, I have decided to do some of my own primary research by talking to cops. Whenever I see a cop in a public place, and it’s not overly intrusive to do so, I go up and thank them for the work they do. I usually say something like, “Hey, thanks for the great work you do protecting us. It bothers me that the media is being so hard on you guys.” The response is quick, consistent, and heartfelt. To a man and woman, they reply with something like, “Thanks, we really appreciate it. It has been really hard to do our job lately. We really appreciate knowing people support us when it seems like so many people don’t.”

There you have it. While the liberal media does their best to spin the Ferguson Effect into something it isn’t, real live police officers are suffering. And when police officers suffer, we all suffer because we live in a more dangerous world.

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Bruce Robertson is an amateur writer and professional provocateur
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4 Responses to Cops are People Too

  1. BlueLoom says:

    I’m going to disagree with you on this one. I’m pretty doggone liberal, but I’m also very fond of cops and very cognizant that they have a difficult job to do with many razor-thin decisions and judgements to make. Once at a picnic-y gathering, I got talking with a guy (maybe mid-50s or so in age) who either was still a cop or had formerly been one. At any rate, his current job was teaching at the police academy. It was a really interesting chat; I was fascinated–and I’m not much for party chit-chat with strangers.

    When we were in NYC about 5 or 6 weeks after 9/11 (for Dan’s wedding), we stayed in a small executive hotel on Wall Street (these places are empty on weekends & have great rates). Of course, we walked up to see what we could see of the Towers. Along the way, we passed two cops walking a beat (on Broadway, I think). I stopped to thank them. I also tied a personal remembrance (a strip of cloth I had woven) into the fencing around the Towers area.

    There are good folks and bad folks in every profession. The cop who shot the guy in the back as he was running away and then tried to plant his own gun on the victim (this was the North Charleston incident) was either a really bad cop, an inadequately trained cop, or a cop who made a really, really bad decision and then tried to cover it up. These cops need to be weeded out of the system at an earlier stage in the process so they don’t end up on trial for murder.

    The other factor that we as a country have to face and deal with is the problem of clearly mentally ill people having access to firearms. Newtown Elementary School, the Aurora movie theater, and the church in Charleston this past week seem to be prime examples of this problem. I would very much like to see your fellow conservatives address this issue. There simply are people in our society who should not have Second Amendment rights to bear arms (no matter how you interpret that clause). How we separate such people from others who can use firearms responsibly (for hunting, target shooting, etc.) is a topic that all of us should be willing to engage, but it seems to me that many/most conservative thinkers just say “Second Amendment Rights,” and completely shut down the conversation. We can’t go back to the days of dreadful “insane asylums” where people were warehoused, but what can we do to keep those diagnosed with schizophrenia and other dangerous mental conditions from obtaining weapons that are dangerous to themselves and the rest of us?

    We need to have an honest discussion about cops, victims, and mentally ill teenagers and adults, but everyone seems to be afraid of such a discussion. Politicians of all parties simply play to their bases about it, and we get nowhere.

  2. Interestingly, you started your comment by saying you would disagree with me. I’m wondering if that’s a typo because you seem to agree with me and I agree with you. Of course, there are bad people on all professions. John Stossel made the point that, in any large group of people, about 10% are bat shit crazy. Why would cops be any different. And, now with technology, every movement of all 900,000 cops in the country are on video. So, naturally, the bad stuff done by the 10% bat shit crazy cops is caught on video.

    My concern is that the liberal intelligentsia is now trying to make it look like 90% of cops are bat shit crazy and that EVERY time a cop uses force, it is bad. The videos they use to make their point are taken completely out of context. The result is the Ferguson Effect, where good cops are afraid to do their jobs.

    I also agree (duh) that keeping guns out of the hands of bat shit crazy people of all stripes (cops or otherwise) is a very good idea. As such, I support background checks and waiting periods to get guns. I’m not a “slippery slope” guy on gun control. That said, we need to be realistic that making guns illegal will do nothing to stop gun violence in this country.

    • BlueLoom says:

      What I disagree with is the implication that politically liberal Americans hate cops. Maybe some do, but I bet most don’t. As a white, female, politically liberal American, I cannot, of course, speak for politically liberal African-Americans, many of whom seem (with good reason, I believe) to fear cops more than hate them.

      • Ah, OK, I understand. You were taking exception to my generalization. While I firmly acknowledge the exception in your case and , I’m sure, others, I stand firmly by the generalization. I have two sources for my generalization, one quite solid and the other more anecdotal. The solid source is that, since Ferguson, the liberal controlled media has been hammering cops left and right. They not only portray all the “bad” stuff while ignoring the good cops do, they often do it in a deliberately misleading and inflammatory way. These are not black who feel threatened by cops. These are white media executives making millions of dollars, while having basically no interaction with cops. My point, which again I stand by 100%, is that the actions of these liberals are life threatening to many law abiding blacks in inner cities. When cops throw up their hands and walk by a drug deal for fear of being shown on CNN taking down the thug who takes a swing at him, it’s the black grandmother living across the street who suffers.

        My other source is my own Facebook page. I’m friended to 348 people. Because of the geography I live in and my family’s politics, I would guess at least 3/4 of those 348 are liberal. Many of them also posted highly inflammatory anti-cop posts to FB over the past few weeks. Most recently, someone posted a picture of the nutjob that committed the heinous crimes in SC doing the perp walk juxtaposed next to a cop tackling a black guy with a caption highlighting the difference b/w being arrested as a white criminal or a black one. Of course, the comparison is meaningless. The kid who committed the shooting rampage in SC should fry in the chair, but the fact is, he didn’t resist arrest. The black guy did. Cops were just doing their job, yet this very caring lovely (and unnamed) white liberal was trying desperately to make cops look bad.

        My point is, again, this is BAD BAD BAD for blacks. Sadly, more blacks than whites live in places that need cops on a daily basis just to be safe. I’ve seen a cop in my neighborhood maybe 10 times in 15 years and I’m perfectly safe. Same for your neighborhood. Sadly, so many blacks live in neighborhoods where they depend on cops walking past their house or apartment 10 times PER DAY just to live to the next day. How are we helping those people by demonizing all cops for the bad behavior of a few?

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