Insight into the Liberal Mind

I deliberately chose this title to be misleading because, of course, I have no such insight. Indeed, to have insight into the liberal mind, there would have to be some logic to their thinking that one could discern and analyze. Alas, there is none. It’s a series of emotional movements. That said, it does set up some interesting, if not funny, if not sad, conversations. I had one such conversation last night at happy hour at my club.

I was talking to a group of about 6 friends, all Jewish, all democrats. It was a mix of men and women, all roughly my age (50ish, but looking 35ish). The topic of President Obama’s performance came up and every single one of them admitted to (a) voting for him, most of them twice, and (b) completely regretting it. Every one of them conceded the obvious – that he’s been a terrible president, completely lacking in any leadership. As Jews, of course, several, though not all, of them were appalled at his treatment of Israel as his bitch. At one point I asked why any Jew would ever vote for any democrat today. The only answer I got (can’t make this up) was “Jews are almost always democrats.” Uh, yeah, I know that, my question was why? Your party is systematically trying to weaken the singular Jewish State, our only ally in a profoundly troubled part of the world, but, Oh Boy, it’s November in an even-numbered year….time to go vote for more people who want to weaken the Jewish State.  I digress, though not by much.

It was at least partially satisfying to hear that democrats realized their mistakes in putting this amateur (one of their phrases, not mine) into the White House. The same woman who called him an amateur said she thought McCain would have been a good president (I disagree) and I opined that Mitt Romney would have been a fantastic president. She grudgingly acknowledged that “he might have been.”

Unfortunately, this conversation started when I ran into these folks while making a trip to the men’s room and, as Archie Bunker pointed out many years ago, you can’t buy beer, you can only rent it. So, I desperately needed to end this conversation to complete my primary mission. Just as I was about to walk away, this same woman, who had just acknowledged what a disaster the last 6 years of liberalism had been, said with a hop in her step, “We’ll get Hillary in 2 more years.”

OK, I can hold my pee to try to understand this logic. After acknowledging that both McCain and Romney, two men with pretty damn solid track records of both accomplishments and integrity, would have been better than Obama, she’s champing at the bit (yes, it is champing, not chomping; look it up) for another president who has ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING in her entire 67 years, other than dodge scandals. I asked why in the world, after the mess of the last 6 years, she would turn to Hillary. Her answer was, “she’s really smart.” I asked about her integrity. My friend said, “this email scandal will pass over by 2016 and Benghazi was Obama’s fault.”

All I can say is “Wow!” Truly breathtaking level cognitive dissonance.

About Bruce Robertson

Bruce Robertson is an amateur writer and professional provocateur
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  1. Robert Robinson says:

    Good stuff Bruce . Wow!

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