Presidential Arrogance

On October 2nd at Northwestern University, President Obama sealed the outcome of the November midterm elections when he said, “I am not on the ballot this fall. Michelle’s pretty happy about that. But make no mistake: These policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them.”  The GOP could not have asked for any greater gift than those twenty-eight words. Prior to the Northwestern speech, GOP candidates had a more obtuse path to tying the local candidates in places like North Carolina and Georgia to the horrible failure of the Obama administration.  President Obama made it much easier. Thank you very much, Mr. President!

Any rationale human being, having publicly announced that his policies were on the ballot, would react to the midterm thumping/shellacking with a certain degree of humility. More important, one would hope, the president would moderate his agenda in reaction to the voting public telling him, well, that he sucks eggs. Unfortunately, President Obama is not a rationale person. He’s an egomaniacal fuckhead. That’s the clinical term. In addition to offering the post-election commentary that only the pundits could possibly figure out the true meaning of the biggest democrat ass kicking since the 1920s, he has done the following.

First, he immediately announced that, by executive fiat and in contravention of the constitution he pledged to uphold, he would legalize millions of people who have illegally entered the United States. I bet there are a lot of other criminals throughout the country hoping he may likewise forgive their crimes. President Obama, your policy of providing amnesty was, per your Northwestern speech, on the ballot. It lost. Badly. So don’t do it.

Within a week of the midterm ass whooping, the President urged the FCC via Youtube (note the irony) to move quickly on net neutrality. For those of you who haven’t followed this debate, it is Obama’s idea that the Internet should be completely controlled by the federal government. It has been dubbed, quite accurately, Obamacare for the Internet. Gee, there’s a good idea. Let’s take the single most innovative technology in any of our lifetimes and subject it to federal government regulation. That couldn’t possibly hurt innovation. Oh, and wait. It gets better. The regulatory framework they propose to use is the same one applied to the utilities industry, which, for the record, was developed in the 1930s, using precisely the same blueprint developed for the railroads in the 1880s. Yes, that’s right, the president wants to take one of the most successful and innovative industries in the country and regulate it like a railroad. President Obama, your policy of regulating the Internet like the railroads was, per your Northwestern speech, on the ballot. It lost. Badly. So don’t do it.

Finally, with his trip to China, Obama did what he does best when he gets his ass kicked here at home. He flies a long long way away and gets his ass kicked by a foreign leader, usually a non-democratic one. After six years of being Iran’s bitch, Obama turned to China this time, where he announced the most comical and one-sided “agreement” on the bugaboo of “climate change” one could imagine. One of the chief complaints of people who oppose sweeping change to US energy policy, as I’ve written several times in the past, is that the Chinese are worst offenders and have no intention of gumming up their high-growth economy with draconian energy policies. They still don’t. The alleged accord Obama reached with the Chinese this week involves the US committing to real and real-time emissions reductions, which will have a significantly negative impact on our economy with questionable return, while the Chinese make very vague commitments to do something well out in the future. Something they almost certainly will not do in the future. In other words, just like in Russia and Iran, we gave a lot and got very little. And, claimed victory. President Obama, your policy of draconian energy policy to curb a change in climates totally unproven by science was, per your Northwestern speech, on the ballot. It lost. Badly. So don’t do it.

The results are in. The president very specifically asked the American people to vote on his policies. It was plain as day in his October 2nd speech. So we did. We voted on them. We voted that the president’s policies really really suck. They’ve done tremendous damage to the country. I don’t know how we could have been more clear. His reaction has been to do more of them. Good luck in 2016, Billary. You’re going to need it!

About Bruce Robertson

Bruce Robertson is an amateur writer and professional provocateur
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