Free Freddie

When I was at the gym this morning, I read two interesting stories on my iPad. The first was actually a long string of comments on my friend Carlie’s Facebook page. Carlie had posted her thoughts on the “botched execution” this week in Arizona wherein an inmate allegedly suffered for a few hours before succumbing to a lethal injection. I say “allegedly” because one of Carlie’s commenters noted that family members of the inmate’s victim said the murderer was snoring during his “suffering” and appeared perfectly peaceful. Truth is, I have no idea and it’s not relevant to this blog. Furthermore, this piece is not about the merits of the death penalty though, as I read the 25 or so comments on Carlie’s FB post, I found myself agreeing with her original premise that the murderer’s victim got no say in how “humane” her death was and, thus, there may be no pressing need to stress out over how painful the murderer’s death may or may not have been. But, I recognize it is a very tricky subject and not one I care to debate here.

One of the themes of the comments on Carlie’s post related to the overcrowding of prisons and how much we spend to incarcerate criminals. It was that angle that was top of mind when I read the second story. This one was about the arrest in Washington, DC yesterday of former Redskins tight end, Fred Davis, on domestic abuse charges. Before I go any further or risk offending anyone, let me make my position on domestic abuse clear. It is unacceptable. It is unacceptable for anyone, but especially for a man who is 6’3”/250 lbs and makes his living beating the shit out of other men who are his size or bigger.

But, as I read the story about Davis’ domestic abuse case and how he was shackled in the court room and faces possible jail time, I couldn’t help but wonder whether this particular case might have been better left out of the courts.

It turns out Davis showed up at a diner where his ex-girlfriend was having a late night snack at 3 AM with her new beau. After a brief argument inside the diner, the two went outside whereupon Davis reached into a planter and grabbed a fistful of dirt and threw it at the girl. To retaliate, the girl went back inside the diner and grabbed a ketchup bottle to squirt at Davis.

Really? Throwing dirt and squirting ketchup at each other now requires a court hearing and jail time? Wouldn’t that land just about every third grader in jail at least once. Seems just a bit overboard.

I also have some advice for the girl if she has another incident with Davis. I watched him play tight end for the Redskins for six years. Next time this happens, don’t squirt the ketchup at him. Instead, throw the ketchup bottle at him as hard as you can. There’s no chance he will catch it.


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Bruce Robertson is an amateur writer and professional provocateur
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