Hobby Lobby Hysteria

The more hysterical and shrill the left gets, the more you know they are making shit up. Never has this been more evident than the Supreme Court decision to allow privately held Hobby Lobby to opt out of certain aspects of Obamacare that they find morally repugnant. Once upon a time, the left claimed to believe in personal liberties, but that was a long time ago.

The facts of the case are that SCOTUS made a very narrow decision to give the owners of a private business the same rights they already held as individuals, principally to refuse to cover certain abortifacients under their healthcare plan. Importantly, the women (and men) employed by Hobby Lobby still have about 18 of 20 possible birth control methodologies available to them. Even many left wing commentators acknowledged the narrowness of the decision.

Nonetheless, the left started screaming maniacally, as they often do when things don’t go their way. And, I’m not just talking about the idiots paid to scream, like Rachel Maddow. I’m talking about intelligent and well-informed liberals (i.e., folks I’m friended to on Facebook). Now, I understand 2014 is an election year and, thus, some of the yelling is designed to motivate voters with the whole War on Women bullshit. But, it seemed particularly out of proportion this time around.

I thought of a very apt analogy that might help the left calm down just a titch. The country has seen an unacceptable number of school shootings in the past decade. We all agree it’s terrible. One of the best deterrents and real-time solutions to these awful events would be to arm teachers and administrators. Suppose, just suppose, we had a republican congress and republican president that passed a law (perhaps rammed through in the dark of night on a procedural vote), to be implemented by the federal Department of Education and forced on all local school districts, requiring all schools, public or private, to have guns available to teachers and administrators. I can already see my left-leaning friends falling out of their chairs. I will pause to let them get off the floor and to give them time to understand that this is EXACTLY how the right feels about Obamacare.

OK, so now we have schools that are required to make guns available to teachers. It’s the law. But, there’s a Quaker school somewhere in the northeast that claims that guns are antithetical to their non-violent tenets. The Department of Education says too bad. You have to have guns available. It’s the law. So, the private school sues the government for an exemption to the gun rule, on the moral grounds that offering guns to their teachers violates their moral code. And, they win. The left would celebrate in the streets, despite the fact that the school’s teachers, many of whom wanted to have guns available, had likely just been made less safe. Just like the employees of Hobby Lobby can go work for another company that offers the full suite of abortifacients, the teachers at this Quaker school can move to the public school down the street and have a gun available to them. Get it?

The other deafening scream from the left on the Hobby Lobby decision was about how outrageously hypocritical Hobby Lobby is because their 401(k) plan invests in S&P index funds that, in turn, hold stocks that manufacture goods in China under less than ideal conditions or manufacture the very products that they were trying to have excluded from their health plan. This argument is, of course, specious and devoid of any meaningful content. Retirement plans are managed by independent asset managers whose fiduciary responsibility is to employees, not management or owners. And, the holdings were so distant as to irrelevant.

But, here’s the really funny part. Funny, but scary because the left has a blind spot so big you could drive a Mac Truck through it. The left howls about 5 men on the Supreme Court literally reaching into women’s wombs to make reproductive decisions for them, as if the left cares about individual freedoms. But, at the same time, they impose their views on the entire country’s health decisions. Not just reproductive health decisions. ALL healthcare decision. That’s what Obamacare is designed to do and is doing. Let me assure you, as a healthcare venture capitalist, decisions are being made right now about your healthcare by bureaucrats in Washington. In the past month alone, I’ve evaluated and passed on at least 10 investment opportunities for novel technologies that could save or improve lives, for the sole reason that government bureaucrats refuse to pay for them. If you doubt me, let’s set up a conference call and I’ll take you through them. We’ll need a few hours.

I know asking the left for consistency is not realistic. If you search my blog site, you’ll find a whole series of posts on liberal hypocrisy. The entire “progressive” doctrine is fundamentally based on hypocrisy (we help the little guy, but enact policies that systematically screw him; look at the unemployment and poverty rates and income stagnation under Obama). I try my best to ignore it. Much like a foggy day in Maine; you know it’s going to happen and you just ignore it and do something else. But, I found the distortions on Hobby Lobby a bit more than I could take.

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2 Responses to Hobby Lobby Hysteria

  1. Terri says:

    Some of the medications Hobby Lobby didn’t want to pay for are NOT abortifacients, according to the definition of pregnancy by the medical community, which is of course science with which Hobby Lobby disagrees. IMO, now the court has endorsed Hobby Lobby’s definition rather than the actual medical definition. Frankly I find that to be the most disturbing thing about the decision.

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