Republicans Get This One Wrong

Let me open with two important backdrops. First, I believe absolutely nothing Presdient Obama says. Nothing. He is a liar. Second, the trope that things haven’t gone well for him due to republican obstructionism in congress is farcical, simply on the facts.

Now, let’s turn to the case at hand – the president’s request for $3.7 B in emergency funding to deal with the influx of Central American children at the US border. This was met with a “nonstarter” reaction from R’s in congress. Really? This does indeed sound like a situation where the president said the sky was blue so R’s decided to say it was purple. Let me reiterate that I have little trust that the administration would do the right thing with $3.7 B to address this situation. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t enter into an immediate and hopefully productive discussion.

Most of us on the right believe we need to stem the tide of immigration and deport illegals. When a country is in a state of perpetually high unemployment, as we are now, we simply cannot afford to have millions of people entering the country illegally for the sole purpose of going on the government dole. I wish we could, but the numbers simply don’t work.

However, I see two mitigating factors. First, a significant portion of the $3.7 B is allegedly earmarked for deportation. Isn’t that what the right wants? Yes, I know Obama will try to pull a bait and switch. He’s a liar. That’s what liars do. But, it at least feels like the beginning of a meaningful dialogue. It’s then up to responsible republicans to hold his feet to the fire.

Second, these are children we’re talking about. They didn’t make a decision to cross the border illegally. Their parents should be held accountable, but that’s not really an option, is it. When republicans refuse to address the most helpless amongst us, they lose my respect. Immediately.

To all the republicans in congress. If you want to actually earn the currently fallacious title of obstructionists, stay on this path. If you want to make some progress on a very difficult issue, open this dialogue with Obama. To be sure, you will want to keep a hand on your wallet, but just saying no here is the wrong answer.

About Bruce Robertson

Bruce Robertson is an amateur writer and professional provocateur
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1 Response to Republicans Get This One Wrong

  1. C. Michael Vonvorys says:

    The President has said he has a phone and a pen. Nothing has stopped him in the past from acting extra-constitutionally… If he wanted to do something, he would have done it, so either he is incompetent & doesn’t know what to do or he is OK with the influx of illegals.

    One more thing… I think we can now add “Border Security” to our list of oxymora… Although we can also probably add “Republican Leadership” to that list as well…

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