Tonic for the Professionally Offended

I recently wrote a tongue-in-cheek piece about my Washington Redskins changing their name. If we get a bit serious for a moment, I will observe that the hue and cry for the Skins to change their name is coming from a group of people my buddy Rob just aptly named the professionally offended. These are the folks who are offended by damn near everything you say and change the rules every few years so things you could say a few years back without offending anyone are now heinously offensive. Shockingly, most of these folks are liberal elites.

The situation with the Redskins is particularly stunning because the professionally offended are screaming about how horribly offensive the team name is to Native Americans. There’s only one little problem with their umbrage. Poll after poll and survey after survey show that well over 90% of Native Americans say the name doesn’t offend them. But, that’s not enough for the professionally offended. If they are offended, which they almost always are, you should be too, even if you aren’t. Got it?

And that leads me to Dan Snyder’s letter. Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows that I cannot stand the Redskins obnoxious little owner. But, his recent letter to Redskins fans on the topic of the name change was very well written.  He just makes the very simple point that more people would be hurt by changing it than not changing it. Therefore, he won’t change it. You can read Mr. Snyder’s letter here. Well done, Danny!

Hail to the Redskins!




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Bruce Robertson is an amateur writer and professional provocateur
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