Shattered Dreams

In my recent “I have a Dream Too” post, I articulated some of the dreams I have for racial equality in this country. Among others, I said

I have a dream where our black president cares enough about young black children in inner cities and elsewhere to give them the same educational opportunities as his own children, instead of conspiring with teachers unions to trap these kids in failing public schools.

It appears I am a long way from realizing that dream and this makes me very sad. Two weeks ago the Obama Justice Department asked a federal court to enjoin 34 school districts in Louisiana from issuing vouchers under the statewide reform that passed in 2012. Only students from families with incomes below 250% of the poverty line and who attend schools graded C or lower are eligible. Ninety percent of recipients are black. Read that last sentence again. 90% are black and were being given a chance to escape public schools that are clearly failing them and their families. They were being given a shot at escaping the awful cycle of poverty, through a quality education. President Obama is using federal government resources to ensure they get no such opportunity.

The suit’s rationale was that by removing too many black students from these horrible schools, they were becoming too white and thus impeding the progress of desegregation. How friggin’ perverse can the logic get in an effort to kowtow to the teacher’s unions, at the expense of young black children.

I cannot possibly express how sad this makes me.

About Bruce Robertson

Bruce Robertson is an amateur writer and professional provocateur
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