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Disaster Recovery

I don’t know if I’m getting more careless in my old age or just having a bad run, but I have had several disasters in my office lately. And, by “disaster” I mean “massive drink spill on my desk.” The only … Continue reading

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The Customer Always Comes First, Except When He Doesn’t

I had two very bizarre experiences this weekend, which left me really scratching my head. On Saturday afternoon, I went to Home Depot to buy filters for my HVAC intake vents. I’m not a particularly handy guy, but I’ve always … Continue reading

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Liberalism is Dead; No, Conservatism is Dead

When George W. Bush won for reelection in 2004, many conservatives declared liberalism dead. I think I was one of them. We should have been so lucky. Had we been right, we would not be mired in a state of … Continue reading

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