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Cal Ripken’s Conundrum

I heard a story this week that I’m having trouble jibing with another story. Here’s the first one. A buddy of mine attended a charity event recently where Cal Ripken was the keynote speaker. Cal is one of my all-time … Continue reading

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Gun Control – I Told You So

Believe it or not, I find absolutely no glee in issuing one “I told you so” after another on the abysmal failure of the Obama presidency. I’m a very patriotic guy and I desperately want our country to succeed in … Continue reading

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Perception-Reality Gap

In prior posts, I have referred to President Obama as a liar. I think he is. Unlike other politicians who bend the truth, he flat out makes stuff up. I think he also has a massive chasm between how he … Continue reading

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Worthy of a Comment

One of the saddest parts of writing this blog is that almost nobody comments on it. When I started it, I was hoping for way more discourse. I read several blogs, my favorite being that of Walter Russell Mead at … Continue reading

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Millionaires and Billionaires

I was having dinner with my buddy, Mark, out in San Francisco a few weeks ago and he remarked to me how liberals never “run the numbers.” I’ve written about this in the past and completely agree with him. Their … Continue reading

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