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A Vision for Healthcare Innovation

As I have written before, I do not consider myself to be a visionary. In fields that I know best, like healthcare, I feel like I have a better rear view mirror than the average person and a reasonably clear … Continue reading

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God’s Technology

Do you ever wonder how God feels about all this technology we have? Does He worry that surfing the Internet for a cool new iPhone case detracts from time that might otherwise be spent in deep contemplative prayer? Or does He revel … Continue reading

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The Not Affordable Care Act

There is a looming scandal within Obamacare that the press is either too stupid to figure out or is so in the bag for Obama that they are unwilling to tell you about it. On this one, it may actually … Continue reading

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Anita Emerson, R.I.P.

Who is Anita Emerson? Sadly, it doesn’t really matter. You don’t know her and now she’s gone. Frankly, I didn’t know her either. I met her for about one minute last fall. Notwithstanding the title, this story isn’t really about … Continue reading

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