What the Hell is it with Rob Ryan?

I just finished watching the 1 PM (EST) football games. The Redskins won their 6th in a row (HTTR!!). The Cowboys lost. Bra ha ha ha ha. I watched the entire Redskins game. During the course of that game, the total number of times either team’s defensive coordinator was shown on TV was once. They showed Eagles defensive coordinator (and ex-Redskin) Todd Bowles once. It was in the context of talking about how awful the Iggles defense is and that they had fired their coordinator and hired Bowles mid-season. Good coverage.

I then watched the last 6 minutes of the Dallas/Saints game and they showed Cowf*#ks D coordinator, Rob Ryan, at least 5 times.

Why do they keep showing this loser on TV?

Why do they keep showing this loser on TV? I love that I caught this picture with the Skins score on the bottom of the screen!

Why do they keep showing him? This happens every week that the Cowf*#ks are televised, which is, well, every goddam week in every city. Is it because Ryan is such a stud coordinator, leading the league’s most staunch defense. Uh, not so much. The Cowf*#ks are 21st of 32 teams in the NFL in team defense measured by points allowed. Today, Ryan’s defense gave up no fewer than 34 points and 547 (yes, 547) yards, en route to losing to the Saints. Unless the announcers were saying, “Hey, there’s Rob Ryan again. His defense really sucks” every time his picture is flashed, there’s really no reason to flash it.

Well, unless it’s the hair. That’s the only thing I can imagine. The defense sucks. The guy is a total loser. He probably shouldn’t even be coaching in the NFL. But, oh man, the hair.

I want to be shown on TV more. I think I deserve it. I have certainly done better in my job than Rob Ryan has in his this year. But, dammit, he’s got the hair. Until now….

My new hair style

My new hair style

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