Stacey Dash and the Great Liberal Hypocrisy

I admit that, until today, I had absolutely no idea who Stacey Dash was. As my wife and children will attest, I am a total loser when it comes to pop culture or, for that matter, culture. I’m pretty much a beer and pretzels with my football on Sunday kind of guy. In about 2001 I was having cocktails with a group of friends that included a British friend of mine, then in his mid 50s. Somebody mentioned the name “Jennifer Lopez.” Everyone nodded their understanding. I gave a blank stare, having no clue who she was. Even my British buddy knew her.

So, it’s absolutely no shock that I had no idea who Stacey Dash was when I woke up this morning. A quick Google search turns up the information that she is an actress who has starred in the TV series Clueless as well as appearing in CSI and other programs. None of this is my point. My point is that liberals are the biggest hypocrites on the face of the planet.

Today, Ms. Dash, an African American actress came out in support of Mitt Romney for president. I will save for another blog why it makes perfect sense for an African American woman to vote for Mitt (teaser: she just might believe that African American kids trapped in inner city poverty have a better chance at prosperity through good schools and economic growth than being sentenced to a childhood attending public schools beholden to selfish adults protecing union interests and a lifetime in government welfare).  The point is that Ms. Dash is entitled to her opinion and, ultimately, her vote. Well, she’s so entitled only in the eyes of the law and perhaps other republicans. In the eyes of liberals, she is a traitor to her race and gender and should be sent back to the plantation. You think I’m kidding? Here’s just a sampling of the response from the left to her presidential pronouncement.

Why do I bother bringing up the voting decision of an actress I’ve never heard of? It’s because there is an even bigger point and that is the great liberal hypocrisy of our time – diversity. The liberalocracy has created the concept of “diversity” with a definition that fits only their own needs. In fact, the liberal ideal of diversity is defined something like this:

Diversity: “The inclusion of all peoples and opinions that agree identically with our beliefs and values.”

God forbid your particular brand of “diversity” should differ from liberal orthodoxy by even one molecule. You’re no longer diverse. You are racist or a sell out or some other nasty epithet. You doubt me? Go back and read the acceptance Ms. Dash got for her diverse opinion in the African American community.

I have also lived through this dynamic first hand. I live in Montgomery County, Maryland, one of the most liberal counties in America. Most of my friends are liberal. I love them just the same. If you doubt me, read my recent post on how friendships and family always transcend politics. My children attended a private school for K-8 that is widely known as the most liberal crunchy granola school in the area. Their sports jerseys were tie-dye. ‘Nuff said, right?

We sent them there because it was a great school and they got a wonderful education. But, the parents, faculty, and staff were uniformly to the left of Lenin. They also preached (and preached and preached) diversity. Everyone and every lifestyle was to be not only accepted, but embraced. I agreed with some of it and I disagreed with some of it. I made a stand against one issue (and prevailed), but mostly just accepted the stuff I didn’t like as the price to pay for the stuff I did like about the education.

It was largely a really nice group of parents. But, the one thing that always bummed me out was the incredible blind spot they all had for what “diversity” really meant. It means accepting ALL opinions and ALL lifestyles as equally viable and worthy of respect, not just the ones you agree with. I remember a bowling party for one of my kids during the 2004 election. I was standing with a group of parents who were talking about the election. They talked about people who supported George Bush in terms one would ordinarily save for talking about Jeffery Dahmer. I mean really nasty and vitriolic stuff. I was literally standing right there, in the conversation. I guess they just assumed I was a liberal, like them. Or, that, regardless of my views, it’s just OK to say ugly things about people with certain views they disagree with. I was hurt (yes, dudes do have feelings). I understand that they didn’t agree with my political views. Furthermore, I respect their views. Clearly they not only didn’t respect mine, they viewed them as categorically unacceptable in polite society and only capable of being held by really awful human beings.

Now,  let’s conduct a little thought experiment. Suppose a group of conservative republicans is standing around at this same bowling party talking about gay marriage. They all agree that it is morally wrong and there should be a constitutional amendment against it. Except it wasn’t just a group of conservative parents. Mixed in there was a lesbian woman who has a child at the school. The conservatives didn’t know she was a lesbian; they just assumed she was a heterosexual conservative like them. Imagine the outrage that would ensue. She would take this incident to the head of the school and the school would hire a vice chancellor of diversity to work closely with the chancellor of diversity to make sure that all those conservative parents and their children got their views into line with their liberal orthodoxy. No joke.

The example is really not fanciful at all. In fact, it is a direct analogy to what happened to me at the real bowling party. The only difference is that liberals view diversity as being fully inclusive of all people and all ideas that exactly match their own. Period. Full stop. Believing that gay marriage is wrong or that it’s OK to build pipelines to bring affordable energy to poor families in the US is not diversity of opinion and values. It’s heresy and it must be stopped and corrected, not embraced.

That brings me back to Ms. Dash. All she did today was express her view that Mitt Romney would be a better president than Barack Obama, independent of the color of either of their skin. Maybe she’s right and maybe she’s wrong. Regardless of the outcome of the election, we won’t know for a generation or two. But, here’s what we do know. The hypocritical left leapt into action to decry her opinion as a sellout. She was accused of being an “indoor slave” and was instructed to “go back to the fields.”  If someone on the right said something half this offensive, the media outcry would be deafening. And this was just one African American woman voicing her opinion on her intent to cast her constitutionally guaranteed vote.

It is time for some serious introspection on the left. Time to really think about what diversity means. It’s not just about agreeing with you. It’s about accepting everything and everyone, regardless of their views. Especially the ones you disagree with.

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Bruce Robertson is an amateur writer and professional provocateur
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8 Responses to Stacey Dash and the Great Liberal Hypocrisy

  1. Marc Rothman says:

    Bruce, I enjoyed your blog immensely. I couldn’t agree with you more. I guess I am not that diverse in my thought, but at least, I am not a heretic. 🙂

  2. I am so distressed to learn that the moronic postings of some people on twitter (I think that’s what you were quoting from) and the behavior of some fellow parents at your kids’ school makes all liberals hypocrites. I guess I will go out and look for a new party affiliation – one with no hypocrites among its membership!

    One thing I have learned from our lengthy correspondence on your blog and mine is that we both have deeply held (and largely incompatible) views on what kind of society we want to live in. I don’t think that makes either of us immoral or evil people. It is extremely easy to demonize people with opposing views to one’s own, and it is quite tempting to do, since it ends up carrying a large rhetorical punch. I learned from your blog not to assume that everyone agrees with me.

  3. Jules says:

    my takeaway: yeah, I really don’t miss bowling parties at all 🙂

  4. sproulelove says:

    Ah, Bruce, where to begin? Really…using random nutty tweets to demonstrate how the Left has gone off the rails? Need we bring up Birthers and those who think Obama is Muslim (as if that would be a problem)? What do you think is the ethnic make-up of the 47% of Americans that Romney summarily dismissed this year? What happened to this young man who voted for the Georgia peanut farmer? Can I compose an entire post of rhetorical questions?

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  7. David Mumford says:

    Bruce, I have to say I agree with this sentence of yours: “But, the one thing that always bummed me out was the incredible blind spot they all had for what “diversity” really meant. It means accepting ALL opinions and ALL lifestyles as equally viable and worthy of respect, not just the ones you agree with.” I have a great deal of trouble convincing my friends that right-to-lifers should be respected. They can’t see this as symmetric. Right-to-choose seems to them “let everyone have their opinions and we’ll all be happy”. But they miss the point that no one would argue for a “right-to-murder”. Shifting moral values make for inevitable fights and one needs to really get into the head of your opponent if you respect them.

    But let me add my own criticism of your views: the union issue is not black and white but full of complexities. It is not a simple left vs right issue and I see you as falling into the same blind spot behavior.

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