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High Occupancy Goverment (HOG)

The worst of Hurricane Sandy seems to have passed through the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast and now people are dealing with the aftermath. By the Grace of God, we fared OK here in Washington, DC. A cynic might argue that, with … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy Preparation

As I’m sure everyone knows by now, there’s a really nasty storm heading toward the Mid-Atlantic. My son’s college (the University of Delaware) shut down on Friday and is currently not slated to reopen until Wednesday. That’s actually an added … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Blackberry

Sometime in the fall of 2001, I was out in San Francisco on business and caught up with my buddy, Mark Casey. I went to business school with Mark and not only was he the smartest kid in our class … Continue reading

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The Great Liberal Hypocrisy, Part II

I recently posted a brilliantly reasoned criticism of liberals and what I call The Great Liberal Hypocrisy known as diversity. This is the hypocrisy in which they pretend to be tolerant, open, and welcoming to all people and all ideas … Continue reading

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Stacey Dash and the Great Liberal Hypocrisy

I admit that, until today, I had absolutely no idea who Stacey Dash was. As my wife and children will attest, I am a total loser when it comes to pop culture or, for that matter, culture. I’m pretty much … Continue reading

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