Best Lobster Dinner Ever

I have done my best to keep the topics of this blog at an intellectual high. Tonight, not so much. I’m just going to share my dinner with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I think it is the freshest lobster dinner possible. I’ll present it to you chronologically.

9 AM: Lobster wakes up on the bottom of the sea

Sometime during the day: Lobsterman pulls lobster off the bottom of the sea

3:45 PM: Bruce flags down lobster boat about 6 miles off the coast of Maine and buys 10 lobsters at $4/lb

6 PM: Lobster cooking on the grill

7 PM: Barbecued lobster on the table

Possibly the best meal I’ve ever eaten!


About Bruce Robertson

Bruce Robertson is an amateur writer and professional provocateur
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3 Responses to Best Lobster Dinner Ever

  1. Yum! Capitalism on the water… but didn’t you run the risk of being shot or something? It’s a risk I’d take for a dinner that good!

    • Amy – no, I’m good. All the lobsterman are independent and sell to the distributors. They’re getting like $2.50/lb and many of them aren’t even fishing this year b/c it costs more to run the boat than they can sell the bugs for. I paid him $4/lb, which is what we’re paying retail this summer. Middle man is cut out and the fisherman is happy (I’m guessin my cash transaction is also not reported to Uncle Sam)!

  2. Why oh why do you punish us like this. I can almost taste it. Wish I were there

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