Obama’s Failures….And There are Many

In a recent posting, I referred to the miserable failure of the Obama administration. Over in the liberal wing of the Robertson family, my sister decided, quite inadvisably, to use her blog to challenge my assumption that this administration was a failure. She did so by presenting what she called the top 10 policy successes of the Obama administration. When I read it, my first thought was “Oh crap, now I’m going to have to come up with 10 specific failures. It won’t take all that long, but it will take a little research.” I was wrong. It took no time at all. I just read her list and found that she had listed, chapter and verse, 10 great failures of this president that have individually and collectively set us back decades, if not generations. Here’s her/my list.

  1. Killing bin Laden

Give credit where it’s due, President Obama did say “yes” when it mattered. However, to call this a policy success of the Obama administration is laughable. Recall that our favorite community organizer came into office with the anti-anti-terrorism strategy, closing Gitmo, banning wiretaps on key persons of interest, etc. The only reason Obama gets to claim any modicum of success in killing OBL is because of the Bush era intelligence that enabled him to find OBL. This same intelligence he said we shouldn’t be gathering. And, Obama even managed to squander this little success with his reprehensible touchdown dance on the 1-year anniversary. He looked a lot more like Icky Woods than Lincoln. To further say that Mitt Romney would have said “No” when he said “Yes” made Obama look like a 5th grader.

But, the more important failure is that our community organizer came to office with such naivety that he began immediately dismantling the anti-terror infrastructure that GWB put in place. We’ve been safe in this country for 11 years now thanks the Bush era measures. We won’t know for 10 more years the damage caused by Obama taking that apart. But, it scares the hell out of me, especially as a resident of the Washington, DC area.

  1. Saving the US auto industry

This was one of the most colossal sell-outs of free markets in history and will haunt us for years to come. One of the most important things a free market needs is an efficient capital market, where debt and equity providers can be confident that the contracts they make with companies will be honored. The “saving of the US auto industry” was nothing more than “saving of the UAW’s contributions to my campaign coffers.” The lenders got left holding the bag, while the UAW got made whole and then some, in complete contravention to the way bankruptcy proceedings are normally handled. This is probably the worst example of corporate and union welfare I’ve ever seen.

Anyone who thinks this was a good idea needs to read the works of economist Joseph Schumpeter, who coined the term “creative destruction.” Old and failing industries must be allowed to fail and be replaced by ones that are economically viable. Pumping tax dollars into failed industries because the president likes their unions has a name. It’s called communism. If you think it works, I refer you to Union, Soviet for your research. If you think it can work going forward, I encourage you to look into the “green energy industry” and Google “Solyndra.” Folks, the only force that has ever successfully selected winners and losers, in any country in any era, is the free market. Obama set us back decades with the auto bailout.

  1. Repealing “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” ending defense of DOMA in court, and supporting      marriage equality

If you think repealing “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” was a success, you haven’t spoken to many servicemen. And, I don’t mean the guys sitting in Washington. I mean the guys sitting in foxholes. Most people would not consider weakening our military a policy success.

Confirming the sanctity of marriage as being between a man and woman has now passed in 30 of our 50 states. Kinda looks like a majority of opinion has spoken. I didn’t know a democratically elected president was supposed to go against the will of the people and I’m pretty sure the constitution leaves this decision to the states, not the president.  This announcement was nothing more than a political move because he has some very large donors in Hollywood who happen to be gay. I have no particular problem with a president shoring up his financial base heading into a tough election, but, please, let’s not confuse it with a policy success.

  1. Supporting the overthrow of Gaddafi

Definitely a good thing that he’s gone, but letting France lead while we sat back and did nothing made us look weak and irrelevant. That will come back to bite us as our credibility around the world continues to wane. Obama’s misread on the Middle East has been astonishing. By the way, how’s that handshake with Iran working out for him?

  1. Signing the Lily [sic] Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

Way too obscure for anyone to care about. Seems like a reasonably benign piece of legislation, but who knows because nobody has heard about it (I had to look it up on Wikipedia). Obviously a reach for something….anything he’s done that wasn’t completely destructive to our nation.

  1. Getting us out of an expensive and destructive war we should never have started

The war was supported by both parties and ended in the removal of one of the world’s worst despots and provided a foothold for democratic governance and fair treatment of women in the Middle East. The final chapter on whether it was worth it won’t be written til long after my generation is gone, but the signs are good, as other despots fall around the Middle East. Does anyone really believe that Gaddafi would be gone (stated as an Obama success) if Sadam hadn’t gone first? More hypocrisy from the left. Likewise, it will take a while to understand the effects of cutting and running. Way too early to declare that a success.

  1. Appointing two righteous women to the Supreme Court

Yes, it will be great to have more folks on the high court who will trample our constitution in the name of “progressive” government. Great success. NOT.

  1. Passing Obamacare

This is a fastball down the middle. The single biggest failure of this administration. Clearly our healthcare system needs reform. I’ve written about that numerous times and won’t repeat those arguments, nor my proposed solutions, here. Feel free to read them if you’re interested. But, what’s clear to the vast majority of our country, who vehemently opposed this bill and threw democrats out of office in droves in 2010 because of it, is that Obamacare is part of the problem, not the solution. Liberals like to say that conservative opposition to Obamacare means we don’t want poor sick people to be insured. That’s preposterous and they know it. We want a health system that works and is sustainable and affordable. We want to address the real problems with sustainable and affordable solutions. Obamacare isn’t about solving the healthcare problem; it’s about moving to a socialist government. Obamacare bends the cost curve…UP. Liberals only answer for how we pay for it is to “tax the rich.” Show me an example of where that’s worked. There’s not enough money there to pay for it (the Willie Sutton problem). They will have to tax the middle class and it becomes yet another drag on a flagging economy. If this policy were a success, they wouldn’t have had to ram it down the country’s throat with a shady backroom deal after Scott Brown got elected. That’s no way to run a democracy.

It’s also very interesting to note that liberals are now starting to backpedal as fast as they can from key parts of this horrid legislation. For example, one of the key ways they try to pay for all this crap is a 2.3% tax on the medical device industry. As an aside, the medical device industry is one of the very few that has not fled the US yet. In fact, in 2010, the medtech industry generated $40 billion in export revenue with a $3 billion positive trade balance. And, now, medical device CEOs have publicly stated that they have had to lay off US employees to prepare for this new tax.

This tax is so gallactically stupid that liberal icon Elizabeth Warren has come out against it, after she supported it, of course. Ms. Warren got religion around this topic when she decided to run for Scott Brown’s MA senate seat and realized that, oops, a whole bunch of people in MA are employed in this very successful industry.

Facts are so often inconvenient pesky little things for liberals.

  1. Passing the Stimulus

I’m sorry, but ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? No serious person would ever state this as a policy success. And, I’m more than willing to acknowledge that GWB did it first. But, when it failed for him, why triple down on failure? We are sitting 3+ years later with 8% unemployment and an economy that many economists believe may be poised to go back into recession. We have NEVER had so much trouble pulling out of a recession. Yes, I know, the Barney Frank led housing bubble made this one worse than many others, but we have had no sustainable recovery and no job creation. Stealing more money from taxpayers to pay to build signs that say “This Project Was Paid for with Stimulus Dollars” will not build an economy back to health. Obama has laid waste to the federal budget, deficit, and debt for his “stimulus” and has absolutely nothing to show for it. Miserable policy failure.

  1. Passing Wall Street Reform

Legislatively, it was close between Wall Street Reform and Obamacare for the biggest failures of this administration. As mentioned before, the most important thing capitalism needs to succeed is efficient capital markets. Dodd-Frank has so completely gummed up our capital markets that, before it has even had time to really go into effect, we have bipartisan groups of legislators talking about delaying the implementation of key parts of it. The last thing in the world a sluggish economy needs is to have a refrigerator thrown on its back as its being told to run faster. I do realize that this argument relies on the notion that we want capitalism to succeed. The Obama policies make it very clear that he has no interest whatsoever in seeing capitalism succeed. He holds fast to a 1960s vision of socialism and has designed policies to bring capitalism to its knees. Then government can rush in to save the day. He may want to do some homework on the success of other socialist countries. Greece might be a good place to start.

So, there you have it. 10 really good examples of the abject failure of this administration. The two biggest “legislative accomplishments” are already being undone by bipartisan groups of legislators. Thanks again for making it easy for me to put my list together.


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Bruce Robertson is an amateur writer and professional provocateur
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