High School High Jinks

Trivia question: How do you know that a political party is completely devoid of meaningful ideas?

Answer: They start trying to dig up “dirt” on opposing candidates by looking into their high school high jinks that happened nearly 50 years ago.

Seriously, the liberal hyperventilation over Mitt Romney’s high school pranks is the clearest sign yet that those folks are dead in the water. Their president’s policies have failed miserably and, in an effort to avoid any conversation about that, they have turned to utter desperation.

For those of you who were never a high school boy, let me share a revelation with you. We all did really stupid stuff. Every single one of us. Some more than others and some a little more egregious than others, but we all did it. I am absolutely confident that not a single Fortune 500 CEO in his 50s nor, for that matter, a college English Professor in his 50s, would want to be judged by the dumb crap he did in high school. Because I am now a reasonably successful businessman and value my reputation as an upstanding member of the community, I will plead the 5th on sharing any specifics of my own foibles, lest you send them over to the dopes at the Washington Post. But, I will let on this much – there were many of them and sometimes they weren’t all that nice to other people. I regret that, but I was 16 and, like all 16 year old males, I was an immature idiot. Whatever I did, it has no impact whatsoever on my character today, nor my fitness for any job, including President of the United States (to relieve tension, I have no current plans to run. Note that I said “current” so I’m leaving the door open a crack).

The other thing the hysterical left misses badly, of course, is that times have changed, probably for the better, with respect to sensitivity training. My kids’ school (and probably most schools today) has intense training and programs around bullying and the like. For crying out loud, every school has a “Director of Diversity” to make it abundantly clear to every kid that looking sideways at another kid, no matter the reason, is unacceptable. Maybe the next generation of presidential candidates won’t have as many high jinks in their past as mine does. That’s probably a good thing. I say probably because the world is largely a rough and tumble place and putting kids in a 13 year educational cocoon may not prepare them for the vagaries of the real world. But, here’s what’s clear – this training certainly did not exist in the 60s and 70s and boys were mostly encouraged, implicitly by culture if not explicitly by parents, teachers, and administers, to settle things in the schoolyard. So, Mitt Romney’s actions in high school were 100% in the middle of the fairway for what all high school boys did and were encouraged to do.

So, here you have a president who can’t govern and whose policies have failed completely, leading our economy and our country to perhaps one of its weakest points ever. Greece has failed and he is trying to turn us into Greece. And, instead of focusing his attention on why his policies failed and making corrections, he’s got his operatives out creating Nixonian enemies lists (where’s the leftist media outcry on that?) and digging up irrelevant high school pranks committed by his opponents. That’s a sad state of affairs for democrats. Very sad, indeed.


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Bruce Robertson is an amateur writer and professional provocateur
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2 Responses to High School High Jinks

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  2. BlueLoom says:

    There’s apparently no question (very good on-the-scene confirmation from other participants or on-lookers) that Mr. Romney took part in this unfortunate incident or perhaps instigated it. That said, I doubt that any of us would want to be judged in our 50s or 60s by our behavior in high school. We all (males & females) did stupid things. The teen-aged brain isn’t quite finished getting wired for things like common sense, empathy, etc.

    Some high school bullies do grow up to be grown-up bullies. We’ve all seen them–in the workplace, on volunteer committees, etc. As Bruce knows, I am not a Romney supporter. However, over his entire adult life, Mr. Romney seems to have shown no evidence of having continued this kind of bullying behavior. If he had, we probably would have heard from his staff at Baiin by this time.

    I can (and do) disagree with Mr. Romney’s stance on many issues relating to gays and lesbians, but I will not judge him on his behavior in high school.

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