A Very Fishy Attitude (or Why are Some Atheists Such A**holes?)

My sister, for an often a misguided liberal (sorry for the redundant language), has incredible moments of clarity. She writes a great blog and has recently posted two entries on the theme of “Why are Some Atheists Such A**holes?” Go read them for context.

OK, great, you’re back. My question is why do people put the Christian symbol of the fish with “Darwin” in the body of the fish with little feet?

Incredibly Offensive

This is THE SINGLE MOST OFFENSIVE SYMBOL that I ever see on a regular basis in alleged polite society. It is every bit as offensive to Christians as a swastika would be to a Jew. To people who have this awful little thing on their bumper, I ask you, “would you put a swastika on your car?” Seriously, would you? If you’re willing to offend Christians, why stop there? Why not put a symbol of Calvin the cartoon character peeing on the Koran. It is a fundamental affront to one of our most sacred symbols.

A very sacred symbol

I think I understand what the person is trying to say. They’re saying they believe in Darwinian evolution, not fundamentalism. That’s fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether driven by religion, science, or a combination of the two. That’s not even at issue. What’s not fine is defacing sacred religious symbols that are very dear to 80% of the US population. In fact, that is insensitive and reprehensible.

To quote my sis:

“Right, because making fun of other people’s beliefs has done so much — throughout history — to promote peace and understanding.”

About Bruce Robertson

Bruce Robertson is an amateur writer and professional provocateur
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3 Responses to A Very Fishy Attitude (or Why are Some Atheists Such A**holes?)

  1. Thank you Bruce. That symbol is also very stupid. It implies that no Christian can believe that our Lord could create a world in any way He/She wants. Thanks very much.

  2. I guess my question is: why do people need to post symbols of their religious belief on the back of their car? I always wondered about that.

  3. @Bruce – you have once again made me think about something in a different way. Perhaps because one of my favorite M.Div/J.D.s — who is, herself, very devout — has the fish symbol with a dorsal fin and the word “shark” inside, I didn’t think about the fact that this symbol could be sacred to many & therefore best left alone by those who don’t know wtf they’re talking about. (Me.)

    @Dan – if people didn’t post symbols of their religious and other beliefs on the back of their car, it would eliminate 99% of all bumper stickers. For example, clearly Denverites would have to remove their Broncos stickers, as that is our widely-shared faith community here.

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