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Here’s a New Tax I Can’t Bag

I’ve written in the past about the varied meanings and implications for bags. I mused that being “half in the bag” (i.e., drunk as a skunk) has some powerfully negative implications while having something “in the bag” implies success. But, … Continue reading

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Random Acts of Government Stupidity

As I’ve written in prior posts, I travel a lot on business. Over the course of a year, I average about two airline flights per week. That’s about 100 times per annum I have to take off my shoes, put … Continue reading

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Waxing Delusional

Let me begin by saying that I fundamentally believe nearly all politicians are delusional, liars or both. I don’t think either political party in the United States has cornered the market on delusional thinking. That said, sometimes I read a quote from … Continue reading

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