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15% and the Big Buffett Lie

I have recently had some fun tearing apart the numbers liberals (and other republicans) are trying to use to tear apart the republican field. A few days ago I posted a blog showing how misleading the liberals are in portraying … Continue reading

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We Are Forever Indebted, Mr. Obama

A friend of mine posted the following graphic to her FB page along with the comment, “Know the facts. The data  is [sic] from Treasury. Thanks for the wars, GOP….not.” As my loyal readers know, I am a total numbers … Continue reading

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What Color Lens Are You Looking Through?

In mathematics and engineering, it is often helpful in understanding a complex problem to understand a more simple, but analogous problem first, then translate to the more complex problem. I had an “aha” moment this morning with respect to a … Continue reading

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Private Equity Explained

OK, this has been a really odd week in the Republican primary. I’ve always thought Newt Gingrich was a bit of a slimeball, but I’ve also had tremendous respect for his intellect and command of conservative, free market economic principals. … Continue reading

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Tweet, Tweet

  I have heard from many of my readers (both of you, in fact) that it is excruciatingly painful for you when I go a few weeks without posting one of my bitingly insightful pieces, laced with sarcasm, witticisms, and … Continue reading

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Be a Good Sport

One of my golfing buddies recently sent me a video on how to hit the ball farther with a swing that looks effortless. The premise of the video was that every golfer knows a player at their club who looks … Continue reading

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