Yes, You Need an iPad!!

I occasionally find it instructive to go back and read blog entries I wrote in the past. Back in December 2010, I wrote a blog entitled Do You Need iPad? You had to read between the lines and use your best powers of literary interpretation to figure this out, but in that post I was making fun of the iPad and all the people who had wasted their hard-earned money to buy one. Once you have a Blackberry, Laptop, and Kindle, it’s just wasted space in the briefcase. And, wasted money. As my loyal readers know, I am seldom wrong. In fact, to quote my late father, “I’ve never been wrong. Oh, wait, I was wrong just yesterday when I said I had been mistaken the day before.” Well, I was, er, wrong. I bought an iPad this year. And, it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Come to think of it, how hard would it be, really, to cut a piece of bread off the loaf. The iPad is better than sliced bread.

Trying watching back episodes of The Office on the sliced bread!

First and foremost, it is a business productivity tool. In fact, I had no idea you could get games, videos, music, etc. on the thing until I got it home. The business app that pushed me over the top to buy an iPad is called Note Taker HD. About the only way I’ve found to force my attention-challenged brain to pay attention in meetings is to take copious notes. I actually do refer back to my notes when, for example, someone accuses me of not completing some “action item” allegedly agreed upon at the meeting. I just whip out my notes and show them, “look, no action items for me!”

The problem is this – I take the notes, but I never have them with me when I need them to prove that I did not agree to perform any “action items.” I actually started having my assistant scan them tediously into individual PDF files so I could store them on my laptop electronically and prove to anyone, anytime, any place that I never agreed to do jack in a particular meeting.

But, no more. Note Taker HD allows me to use a stylus to take notes right onto my iPad, immediately save it as a PDF, drop it into Dropbox, and have it available seconds later on my laptop too. See below.

Please keep this confidential as these are actual notes I took in a very important meeting

It turns out the iPad is also pretty solid for watching videos when I travel on airplanes. My partner kept raving out how funny the sitcom “Modern Family” is. No problem – I loaded the first two full seasons onto my iPad and watched them over the course of a few weeks as I flew around the country, drawing the occasional dirty look from my fellow passengers as I howled with laughter. Just recently, I loaded the first season of HBO’s Californication on my iPad and started watching it on airplanes. This has caused a bit more of a problem, as nearly every episode has at least one naked breast scene, leaving me diving to cover up my iPad lest a neighboring passenger complain. I don’t want to get the Alec Baldwin treatment.

Be careful with your iPad on airplanes!

I now read my Wall Street Journal and all my books (thanks to the Kindle app) on my iPad. I use it to figure out where I’m going (great map app – hey, that even rhymes), find restaurants and recipes (Open Table and Allrecipes apps), check flight status (AA app), play games (WWF anyone?), and many other life essentials.

So, I was wrong. Big deal. I can admit when I’m wrong. But, I was right about one thing. In the December 2010 blog, I wrote about the app my daughter was using called “I Drag Paper” that allows you to electronically unroll toilet paper. I still contend that is an activity best carried out in the physical world.

The one on the right is the only way to go

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2 Responses to Yes, You Need an iPad!!

  1. Kelly says:

    Welcome to the world of iPad. And thanks for the info on the Notetaker HD app. I have wanted to find an app that I could use with a stylus to write my own notes instead of trying type them during meetings, and it seems that Notetaker HD might be the way to go. BTW, Bejewled Blitz and Words with Friends are my favorite game apps. I have yet to beat your son on Words… but I will persevere until I do!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Kelly, my son is money in WWF. I just beat him for the first time in about 10 games! Start a game with me – my screen name is bcrobertson4

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