Rethinking LinkedIn

I recently wrote about how utterly useless LinkedIn is.* I’m seldom wrong, but when I am, I admit it. I may have spoken too soon. Yes, it is true that I receive hundreds of invitations from people to LinkIn who I don’t know and never want to know, but I just got a very interesting one this week. For reasons of confidentiality, I cannot disclose his name, but a scout for the Toronto Blue Jays just requested to join my LinkedIn network. I swear this is true. Now, I confess that I had a somewhat unremarkable baseball career that ended after high school, but I have always held out hope that I would someday get a call to play professional baseball. That time appears to have come and I owe it all to LinkedIn.

Thank you, friends at LinkedIn. I promise to send you box seats to my first game at Rogers Centre!


*LinkingIn with My Dog,

About Bruce Robertson

Bruce Robertson is an amateur writer and professional provocateur
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