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Rethinking LinkedIn

I recently wrote about how utterly useless LinkedIn is.* I’m seldom wrong, but when I am, I admit it. I may have spoken too soon. Yes, it is true that I receive hundreds of invitations from people to LinkIn who … Continue reading

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Innovation with Nutella

Innovation has emerged as a bit of a theme in my blog. As I wrote recently, it is a real passion of mine. I’ve also tried to take a very broad definition of the word “innovation” so as to include … Continue reading

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A Visit to the Sausage Factory

I would not describe myself as a “foodie,” but I definitely enjoy fine dining. So, you can imagine how excited I was to spend a week in France, le food capitale du the world. I do, however, consider myself a … Continue reading

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French Innovation and Other Oxymorons

I am fascinated by innovation. And, I mean all innovation, not just the kind that sends people to the moon or increases computing power a bajillion fold every six weeks. I mean even really simple, but often game-changing innovation, like … Continue reading

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