Senators Defeat Yankees, Go to World Series!!

I grew up in Arlington, rooting for the Washington Senators. Tonight, the Senators defeated the evil New York Yankees in Arlington to advance to the World Series.  The only slight problem is that the Senators are now the Texas Rangers and, while I grew up in Arlington, Virginia, tonight’s game was in Arlington, Texas. In 1971, a petulant little man, appropriately named Bob Short (the 70s era version of Daniel Snyder), stole my baseball team from me when I was 9 years old. Little did I know, I’d have to wait 33 years to get another one in the form of the Nats. He since sold the team and since died, but he will always hold a special place on my list of most hated assholes.

So, it’s a bittersweet night for this baseball fan. Going into the evening, there were only 3 baseball franchises who had never appeared in a World Series and two of them were my Washington teams: The Senators/Rangers, the Nationals, and the Mariners. Now there are only two, and one of them is still mine. I’m very happy to see my Senators, the team of my youth, finally make it to the biggest baseball stage there is. I will root for them regardless of their opponent (I hate everything that starts with “Philadelphia” that doesn’t end with “Cheesesteak” and the SF Giants still make me think of bubble-headed steroid-laden Barry Bonds). It has been a long wait for Senators fans. I just wish they had done it in the other Arlington.

It’s also sweet to see the Senators beat the miserable NY Yankees to get there. The Yankees are Evil with a Capital E. Indeed, they represent all that is bad in the world. I learned to hate them when my cellar-dwelling Senators had to look up (through the Orioles, Tigers, Red Sox, and Indians) to see the Yankees in first place. They got theirs tonight, and they got it from my Senators. Go Senators! Good luck in the Series!

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Bruce Robertson is an amateur writer and professional provocateur
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5 Responses to Senators Defeat Yankees, Go to World Series!!

  1. Yankees vs. Cowboys to represent all that is bad in the world – who wins? Excellent post! I do think of the Senators every time I see the Rangers, so this is pretty satisfying. And your Canton/Jerry Jones post made me laugh my ass off.

    • Amy – that’s like asking “who’s more evil, Hitler or Bin Laden?” You’re the philosopher in the family, but I’m guessing there must be some pardigmatic construct that says such a comparison can’t actually be made.

  2. Brusmaster says:

    Let me start by saying I am laughing when I write this….so this is nothing more then giving you some good natured crap…..when the Orioles start winning again, will they suddenly become your team again?! That would have you going from the Senators to the Orioles to the Nationals to the Rangers and then back to the O’s??!

    Just giving you a hard time BCR…hard to dislike the Rangers. Ey have built a great team, have great fans and played awesome. 28 will be in sight next year for my boys!

    • Andy – you forgot about the Red Sox. My daughter was born in the 2 years we lived in Boston so we lay claim to being Red Sox fans too.

      BTW, it’s a little tough to take this from a guy who was born in NJ, went to college and has lived his whole adult life in Virginia yet roots for the Yankees and Cowboys. Hmmm, doesn’t sound like you just picked a couple of winners (how’s that working out in football, by the way)?

  3. Dan Grabois says:

    What about Philadelphia Cream Cheese? And the Philadelphia Orchestra? With the cheesesteak, these form the Philadelphia trifecta, and I’m willing to concede that there’s not much else good about the place.

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