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Senators Defeat Yankees, Go to World Series!!

I grew up in Arlington, rooting for the Washington Senators. Tonight, the Senators defeated the evil New York Yankees in Arlington to advance to the World Series.  The only slight problem is that the Senators are now the Texas Rangers … Continue reading

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Canton, This is Jerry Jones

I cannot reveal my source, but I have a friend in Dallas who was able to grab Jerry Jones’ phone after today’s Cowboys loss to the Vikings. He quickly downloaded the SMS text dialogue below. Apparently, Jerry was texting with … Continue reading

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NO – I Won’t Change Seats with You!!

When I started this blog, I said I would write about some of the little things that annoy me. By now, you’ve probably figured out that liberal politicians annoy me. But, that’s Annoy with a capital “A” because they are … Continue reading

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Obamacare for Floor Sweepers

OK, I promise I’ll go back to being funny in a future blog soon, but I did have some really important things I needed to get off my chest on the economy and healthcare. In “Why Do Liberals Hate Corporate … Continue reading

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Why Do Liberals Hate Corporate America?

Martin Rosensky of  Silver Spring, Maryland wrote this letter to the editor of the Washington Post on October 5, 2010: In his Oct. 3 op-ed, “The Moynihan feast,” George F. Will stated that “liberal politics produces a culture of dependency … Continue reading

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A Swing and a Miss!

As you’ve read in this blog in the past, we are a baseball family. We all love baseball not only for the game, but for how it reflects life. There’s no better sports analogy than the strike out when things … Continue reading

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To Hell with My Zen-Like Trance…We’re Ridding the World of Evil

List of Evil Forces in the Universe: 1. Hitler 2. Osama 3. The Dallas Cowboys 4. The New York Yankees 5. The Philadelphia Eagles Final Score: Redskins 17, Eagles 12 Today, the Redskins vanquished evil. That’s a very good thing. … Continue reading

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The Country Buffet

My 17-year old son is a baseball player. He plays for his high school team (made the all-conference team as a freshman, but I digress) in the spring, and a travel/showcase team in the summer and fall. For reasons that … Continue reading

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