Mankind’s Greatest Inventions

Every now and then, I’ll read an article about the greatest inventions of all time. Everyone has their favorite: the automobile, the telephone, the Internet (thanks Al), the lightbulb, etc. I got to thinking about this as I was eating a ham sandwich at my desk for lunch today and opened the crossword puzzle while I was eating. One of the clues was “sweet sandwich” – a four letter word. For anyone with even a modicum of crossword puzzle expertise, you know this is “oreo.” Oreo appears in crosswords frequently – I guess there aren’t that many four letter words with 2 O’s and an E. This immediately reminded me of one of mankind’s greatest inventions. No, not the oreo, though it’s clearly on my top 100 list. It got me thinking about an invention made by my buddy Dave from New Jersey: the dessert sandwich.

About 3 years ago, Dave and his family visited us at our summer place in Maine. Our standard daily activity up there is to pack a picnic lunch, take it in the boat to an island, and eat lunch on the island. We were making sandwiches one day in preparation for the day’s journey and Dave asked me what kind of sandwich I wanted (I have conveniently convinced everyone that I’m way too busy getting the boat ready to actually make my own lunch). I asked for my usual – ham and cheese. Dave said, “do you want a dessert sandwich?” Huh? What’s that? He didn’t, but what he should have said is, “only the most brilliant invention of this young century, you jackass.”

So, what is the “dessert sandwich?” It’s beautiful in its simplicity. It is dessert conveniently disguised as something much healthier – namely, a sandwich. In Dave’s case, the dessert sandwiches he was making were PB&J with a very thin layer of peanut butter slathered with 2 inches of really sugary homemade strawberry preserves (think: strawberry pie in the guise of a sandwich). Fantastic! I eat my ham and cheese and, while the kids are stuffing oreos in their face, I’m eating another sandwich. Dessert without the guilt. Brilliant!

Now, let your imagination run a bit. Remember the fluffernutter sandwiches we ate as kids. A little peanut butter on bread with a thick glob of marshmellows spread over it. What about a Nutella sandwich. Everything’s fair game here and I encourage readers to post their own ideas. The only rule is that the sandwich has to be at least 1000 calories and really sweet. And, the good stuff has to be hidden between two pieces of bread to create the illusion of a healthy lunch.

So, as soon as I wolfed down my ham and cheese today (full disclosure – I’m working at home and tossed some of it to the annoying dog), I went right over and made a PB&J, slathered with strawberry perserves. Thanks Dave!

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2 Responses to Mankind’s Greatest Inventions

  1. Blueloom says:

    It seems to me that for a dessert sandwich (great idea!) you have to start with the bread. My mother (no baker she–nor even much of a homemaker) used to make a huge batch of coffee cake several times per year. With some of the dough, she would make sticky buns, but with some of it, she would make a cinnamon loaf. The dough was slightly sweet & eggy (i.e., not like a white bread dough). She would pat the dough flat, then slather it with melted butter, cinnamon, and sugar. Then she would roll it up, put it into a loaf pan, let is rise for a second time, bake it, and Voila! Swirled cinnamon/sugar bread.

    OK, so we start with a slice of a lovely sweet bread. Then I think I would smear it with a thick layer of Nutella and maybe sprinkle some chopped nuts of some kind onto the Nutella. Slap another slice of the bread on top, and you’d have a great dessert sandwich.

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