Homework, Backpacks, Lower Back Pain, Massages, etc.

OK, I think I’ve officially had it with the whole homework situation. It’s bad enough that my son, who’s a junior in high school, has exactly 3.75 minutes free every day to be a kid. He’s arguably not really a kid any more. He’s 17 and taller than I am (like that was hard to accomplish….). No, here’s my real concern – we’re creating a nation of future adults with serious lower back problems with all this homework. Stick with me on this for a minute.

On three separate occasions last night, my 12 year old daughter asked my wife or me for a back massage. She asked me again this morning. Being good parents, we complied. However, I confess that during one of these massages I muttered something like, “I’m the one in my 40s with chronic lower back pain, you should be giving me a massage.” Her retort, which I dismissed, was, “But, dad, I have to carry my backpack.” OK, yeah, whatever. All kids carry backpacks and I carried a backpack to school as a kid.

But, here’s the difference. As I recall, when I was 12 and carried my little orange backpack to school, the list of contents was:

1. Whatever new baseball cards I had gotten that week (so I could trade during recess…and during math).

2. Perhaps 1 small workbook for spelling (about 75 pages and paperback)

3. My lunch

4. A yo-yo

Total weight: about 4 pounds.

This morning, shortly after massage #4, I saw my daughter sling her backpack over her shoulder. Holy Shit!!! For starters, her backpack is like the Samsonite Super Expandable Suitcase, only with 2 straps. You could fit one of those little crunchy granola hybrid cars in it. And, it was so full, she was carrying an additional college-sized textbook and her lunch separately. She couldn’t even fit everything in this monster satchel. This thing must have had 4 or 5 huge heavy textbooks in it. And, SHE’S 12! And, she weighs about 75 lbs. I would estimate her backpack weighed about 50 lbs. No wonder the poor kid has back pain at age 12. She’s carrying around a backpack that is 2/3 of her body weight.

Teachers – lighten up on the homework. Assign some baseball card trading or something. Either that, or schedule 7th period for all the kids to get massages!

About Bruce Robertson

Bruce Robertson is an amateur writer and professional provocateur
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1 Response to Homework, Backpacks, Lower Back Pain, Massages, etc.

  1. Terri Robertson says:

    I’ll embarrass myself and complain tonight at back-to-school night. Yeah…no. 🙂

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