Redskins Win! Redskins Win! Redskins Win!

I’m always looking for metaphors – good, bad, or indifferent. The Washington Redskins are nothing less than a metaphor for life. When they win, life is good. When they lose, life is bad.  The Dallas Cowboys are also a metaphor – a metaphor for evil. Make no mistake, they have horns on their heads and carry little red pitch forks. So, there’s simply nothing better than watching the self-dubbed America’s Team self-destruct against the Redskins. It’s particularly satisfying when the officials actually call a fair game. One of my good friends who, like me, is a completely objective Redskins fan, made an interesting comment about the favorable officiating the Cowboys get week in, week out. He suggested that, periodically, the referees should just stop the game and instruct the scoreboard operator to add 7 points to the Cowboys score, but otherwise call the game fairly. It would be so much less insulting than the steady diet of BS calls we usually have to endure.

But, even the refs were good at Fedex Field on Sept. 12th. When Alex Barron wrapped his arms around Brian Orakpo’s neck on the final play of the game, they dropped the little yellow hanky. And, all was good in the world. And, evil had been beaten back. At least for today.

Indeed, what a great day!

About Bruce Robertson

Bruce Robertson is an amateur writer and professional provocateur
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